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About the group

As a distinguished cardiovascular surgeon, Member of the National Assembly, and Director of Public Health at Hôpital Charles LeMoyne, Régent Beaudet was forever expanding his scope of interests and skills. In 1981, he joined forces with a handful of investors to acquire the famed Lachute Golf Club, then proceeded to acquire Le St-André in 1986 and Le Chantecler in 2000.

Members of the Beaudet family joined the employee rolls: Jean-René, oldest son of Régent Beaudet, became Director General of Le St-André Golf Club in 1988 and of Le Lachute in 1995. He has occupied the position of Vice-President of Operations since 2002, while Sylvain Beaudet, the youngest in the family, took on the position of Vice-President of Sales and Marketing. As they gradually began to specialize in golf course management, the Beaudet family became sole shareholder of the company, and in 2002, the Groupe Beaudet was born.

The three-club group began to develop new products to offer its clients a maximum of flexibility. It was now possible, for instance, to become a member of three courses for the price of only one—a first in Québec.

After only three years, Le Victorien and Le Riviera clubs were added to first three courses, and in 2007, it was Golf des Îles’s turn to join the Groupe Beaudet family. In December of the same year, Régent Beaudet passed the presidency on to his son Sylvain and took a well-deserved retirement after 26 years of hard work as a golf course manager.

In 2011, the group continues its expansion with the Golf Ste-located in Laval, tooking over their operations. With the Ste-Rose, the Groupe now offers an even more complete offer to golf enthusiasts. This new business model will become a cornerstone for the expansion of the Group for the coming years. Under this model, the Group also created a new division, Le Groupe Beaudet Prestige, assuming logistic and operations for their first private club, Le Diamant golf club.

Today, the Groupe Beaudet represents 500 employees, a team composed of passinated experts.